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Rawhide Studio by Cheryl Scruggs!

4 Oct

We set our booth up for the Steamboat Springs Art in the Park  show and soon realized we were close to a hot springs of the sulfurous variety. When the wind blew just right the smell was….well, not so delightful but in spite of that we had an excellent show! Not only were sales brisk but we meet a gregarious couple named Jeff and Cheryl Scruggs from Plano Texas. Cheryl brought a pair of earrings, we chatted and then they left. They came back the next day and brought two more pairs and Cheryl began to explain her online “Sydewalk” concept for recommending product she feels are quality. Long story short, Rawhide Studio has now been added to Cheryl’s Sydewalk site.

The Scruggs are also authors and inspirational speakers focused on helping couples strengthen their marriages. They wrote all about their journey in I Do Again.  One of the things we really enjoy about art festivals is the opportunity to see new parts of the country (smelly hot springs and all) and make new customers that become friends! We look to a few more shows before the end of the year and our plotting out our 2016 Summer season already! See you somewhere soon we hope.

Dave and Georgia

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