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Wagon Wheels Snack food

2 Dec

I was searching the internet for some pictures of wagon wheels and ran across the Wagon Wheel snack cookie. I loved the retro label but what really caught my eye was the word, ” Canada”. Dave’s parents grew up in Fort Erie Ontario and we both grew up just over the boarder in Buffalo NY. Trips to Canada were common (no passports needed in those days) and we were familiar with many of the brands only available in Canada but not this snack food. A little research revealed that Kitchener Ontario was the birthplace of Dare Foods. The privately owned company has seven factories in Canada and the United States all still merrily making treats like Wagon Wheels,Whippets,Breton Crackers and Bear Paws just to mention a few. Dare Foods was one of the first large food manufacturers in Canada to declare its factories, PEANUT FREE! You can get even get Wagon Wheels in a flavor called Wowbutter, “a peanut free spread that tastes just like peanut butter”! I love food trivia!


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