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RIP Woodstock!

25 Sep

Dave and I had a busy summer spreading Rawhide Studio jewelry around the country at art festivals and fairs. So busy that my last post was in June and featured a  loaded up and read to go on the road with us Woody. We had some great times with our Teardrop this season but alas, on July 20th at 6:00pm, on Rt 85, just 20 minutes from home, we lost Woody in a road accident. It was sad to see Woody on the side of the road but at least no one got hurt. Nothing will replace the homemade, quirky nature of our Woody but we enjoyed the Teardrop camping experience so much that we are on the look out for a new one. Got Teardrop? Will buy!

Here are a few pictures from Woody’s summer. The good and bad of it!



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