Carbondale Mountain Fair

27 Jul

The Teardrop, aka “Dotty”, is washed, packed and ready to head down the road to Carbondale Colorado for the 46th annual Mountain Fair! Looks like a great line up of artists , entertainment and food. If you are in the area this weekend stop by and say Howdy! You can find Rawhide Studio at booth #120. 




New Teardrop, New Summer Show Schedule!

10 Apr

Last summer our 1974, custom built wooden Teardrop breathed its last on route 85 just 20 minutes outside of Cheyenne ( see Sept 25th blog post for all the gory details!).  The good news is it prompted us to start the search for a newer, more reliable Teardrop.  If you have ever been in the market for a nice used Teardrop, you know you have to jump on it when you see something you like!

A few months ago we were shopping in Fort Collins on a Saturday when I decided to look on Craigslist as we were leaving Costco’s parking lot. “Dave, pull the car over and look at this ad for a Little Guy Teardrop” I said. After scanning the ad for details and location, we turned the car around and headed for Aurora CO. I called my cousin Janette who lives there and said, “Can we stay overnight? We’re looking at a Teardrop in your neighborhood”. Janette graciously agreed and offered us a new toothbrush for our unexpected and unprepared overnight. We looked, we bargained, and with a handshake agreement we were the owners of a 2014 Little Guy 5 wide. We returned to Aurora the next weekend, handed over a wad of cash and picked up our Teardrop.

Our new Teardrop has a TV and stereo system! Uptown!

The last few months we have been improving the galley, the interior and generally putting our own personality into it. Its now ready to hit the road as our home away from home during the summer art show season. We don’t have all our show commitments in yet but here is what the 2017 show season looks like so far.



We hope to see new and old customers at our summer shows! If you see the Rawhide Studio Teardrop on the road, give us a toot and a wave!



Rawhide Studio gets ready for the TOTAL SOLAR ECLIPSE!

6 Mar

If you haven’t heard about it yet, the USA will be getting a coast to coast total solar eclipse on August 21st 2017! I didn’t know how big a deal this was until I began researching the event. Well….not to be left out, we have developed an earring so ladies across the country can view this awesome natural phenomenon in style! Simple, elegant, lightweight, sparkly and as always, hypo-allergenic. The Solar Eclipse Earring‘s  inner disk is a velvety shade of deep grey with flecks of nature’s glitter- mica. The outer, “corona” disk is a shimmering gold. All this style for only $21 and so wearable any time of the year.

If you are interested in finding out where and when the best viewing opportunities will be, visit

Casper Wyoming is proud to be one of the top ten destinations in the country for optimal viewing. To find out what is happening in Casper for the great event, visit

Rawhide Studio for that Unique gift !

28 Oct

Circle Dance Earrings! Wonderful movement and style.

57 days till…. You know what I’m talking about so I wont say it but  Rawhide Studio’s lightweight, natural rawhide jewelry  makes a wonderful gift for any occasion. Purchase online, at one of our many fine outlets (look on our website for a full listing) or at one of these upcoming shows.

Ivinson Memorial Hospital Craft Bazaar, Laramie WY – November 12th from 8:00am-1:00pm

Christmas in Windsor, Windsor CO November 19th & 20th

6th Annual Music and Art Thing. Laramie Plains Civic Center- January 21st 10:00am – 11:59

Zonta’s Ladies Night Out 2017 – Little America, Cheyenne WY – March 3rd shopping starts at 4:00pm



RIP Woodstock!

25 Sep

Dave and I had a busy summer spreading Rawhide Studio jewelry around the country at art festivals and fairs. So busy that my last post was in June and featured a  loaded up and read to go on the road with us Woody. We had some great times with our Teardrop this season but alas, on July 20th at 6:00pm, on Rt 85, just 20 minutes from home, we lost Woody in a road accident. It was sad to see Woody on the side of the road but at least no one got hurt. Nothing will replace the homemade, quirky nature of our Woody but we enjoyed the Teardrop camping experience so much that we are on the look out for a new one. Got Teardrop? Will buy!

Here are a few pictures from Woody’s summer. The good and bad of it!



On the Road Again!

10 Jun

Woodstock, our 1972 custom made Teardrop trailer has had its tires checked, the galley is full of food and we are read to take the Rawhide Studio show on the road again.teardrop 2016

With several shows lined up for this summer,  we are excited about meeting old friends but also about the chance to explore new areas and make new friends. We are on the road for fun, adventure, excitement (not too much though ), and a chance to spread the Rawhide love!

So here is our show schedule, if you find yourself in any of these places at showtime, look us up and say Howdy!



July 15-17 Festival in the Park– Spearfish SD   /  July 30 &31  Arts Picnic Greely CO     August 6&7  Arts in the Park Thermopolis WY / August 12 &13 The Carnation Festival Wheatridge CO   /   August 19-21  Cheyenne Arts Festival  Cheyenne WY



The Grand Encampment Museum

1 Jun

Encampment Wyoming is a small town with a GEM of a museum. The museum’s  main building houses all kinds of interesting artifacts that help to tell the story of the tie hacks,copper miners and ranchers that helped settle this picturesque but isolated area. It also has a gift shop which now carries Rawhide Studio Jewelry! It’s our newest outlet and we are proud to be a part of supporting this unique living history museum. In addition to the main building, there are a number of historical structures connected by a boardwalk and arranged in a circle around a grassy, open area where many of the museum’s yearly events like, the June 18th and 19th Woodchoppers Jamboree and the July 15th – 17th Cowboy Gathering take place. Take the docent led tour and you will learn so much about the history of the area and a few ghost stories to boot! Oh yes, not to be missed is the two story outhouse!

Menors Ferry General Store

20 Apr

Wyoming’s Grand Teton National Park boasts beautiful vistas and plenty of rich history including the story of Bill Menor.  Bill traveled from Ohio to Montana, finally settling on the Snake River in 1892,“where the river was altogether in one place.” Near present-day Moose, he found that the river narrowed to a single channel, making it an ideal place to settle and start business, well businesses. Bill had a ferry service, owned a smokehouse, blacksmith shop, raised vegetables and served as a postmaster. Today, period furnishings are in the cabin, and the storekeeper still sells goods to visitors which now includes  Rawhide Studio’s jewelry !

The Grand Teton Association manages the store; open seven days a week during the peak summer season.


17 Feb

Last weekend we went to the Houston area for a family wedding. Saturday, the weather was fine and the wedding went off without a hitch! Congratulations to Anthony and Nicole Clarkson!

The day before the wedding we went into the big city ( Cheyenne is dinky in comparison) to visit the Houston Museum of Contemporary Craft and get some authentic Texas BBQ. First art then food!

HMCC is small but the shows were first rate. Two of the gallery spaces featured interesting ceramic shows and the third space had a book and jewelry show. In the center of the Museum is the Asher Gift Gallery. The Asher has been carrying Rawhide Studio jewelry for over a year now. The staff was very friendly and spoke well of our jewelry and its popularity. Thanks HMCC for supporting artisans around the country.

Wagon Wheels Snack food

2 Dec

I was searching the internet for some pictures of wagon wheels and ran across the Wagon Wheel snack cookie. I loved the retro label but what really caught my eye was the word, ” Canada”. Dave’s parents grew up in Fort Erie Ontario and we both grew up just over the boarder in Buffalo NY. Trips to Canada were common (no passports needed in those days) and we were familiar with many of the brands only available in Canada but not this snack food. A little research revealed that Kitchener Ontario was the birthplace of Dare Foods. The privately owned company has seven factories in Canada and the United States all still merrily making treats like Wagon Wheels,Whippets,Breton Crackers and Bear Paws just to mention a few. Dare Foods was one of the first large food manufacturers in Canada to declare its factories, PEANUT FREE! You can get even get Wagon Wheels in a flavor called Wowbutter, “a peanut free spread that tastes just like peanut butter”! I love food trivia!


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